20/07/2013 17:08

Bali is an island which is very crowded in the visit by foreign tourists for vacation, most of them are from australia, europe, america and asia, and interestingly, world beauty queen coronation will be held on the island of Bali, the island of Bali is one of the island state Indonesia is known throughout many countries, mISS WORD 2013 will be conducted in bali in september, nobody even do not want to miss this prestigious occasion, all tigers have to be prepared to welcome the coronation, one of them is, in speeding up the construction of toll roads , and the international airport will soon be completed, about 170 finalists miss the word around the world will gather in Bali and waiting for who will be the most beautiful woman of the world.
Bali toll road has been completed, and was inaugurated by the president of Indonesia this month, all citizens would gladly welcome the toll roads on the sea island of Bali, and it is possible to avoid congestion bali match almost every day hit the roads in the area bali. and Bali ready to welcome the candidates MISS WORD 2013. may miss a word of Indonesia as the host to be the best.
by suardi